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This Past Year

Decorated serviceman Charlie Maxwell is trying to seek out a life for himself away from anything military. After moving to Glasgow he is randomly reunited with an old schoolmate. He subsequently falls in love with her, but she is damaged. She is trying to break away from a harmful relationship in Paris and keeps Charlie close, but not as close as she should.

This Past Year is a compelling drama which reflects modern day relationships whilst considering day-to-day psychological issues experienced by a twenty-first century generation. With action and issues that challenge its characters, it is a gripping story about two people whose paths cross again after twelve years and the events that unfold between them.

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Bangkok Teardrops

Bangkok Teardrops is a heartfelt and tender account of one man's journey, from a carefree tourist, to a devoted and loyal partner.

A far cry from his Scottish roots, Archie is intoxicated by the sights of an exciting new land. He falls deeply for the tantalising and exotic beauty of a troubled Thai girl, only to be taken on a rollercoaster ride through rock bottom, tragedy, sheer joy, and back again.

Based on real events, Bangkok Teardrops is an open and honest story which comments not only on love, but on culture, class and the difficulties of modern-day relationships.

Does Archie find happiness? Or does he become a casualty of a perilous foreign love affair?

Available on both Kindle and paperback

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